Master of Business Administration (MBA)

I SemesterII SemesterIII SemesterIV Semester
1. DCMBA-11: Management Principles and Organizational Behaviour
2. DCMBA-12: Business Statistics
3. DCMBA-13: Managerial Economics
4. DCMBA-14: Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis
5. DCMBA-15: Legal and Business Environment
6. DCMBA-16: Business Communication and Soft Skills
7. DCMBA-17: Computer Applications for Business
1. DCMBA-21: Quantitative Techniques
2. DCMBA-22: Financial Management
3. DCMBA-23: Human Resources Management
4. DCMBA-24: Marketing Management
5. DCMBA-25: Operations Management
6. DCMBA-26: Research Methodology
7. DCMBA-27: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

1. DEMBA-31: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
2. DEMBA-32: Financial Markets and Services
3. DEMBA-33: Consumer Behaviour
4. DEMBA-34: Product and Brand Management
5. DEMBA-35: Employee Relations
6. DEMBA-36: Performance Management Systems
7. DEMBA-37: Team Dynamics at Work
1. DRMBA-41: Project
2. DCMBA-42: Entrepreneurship in Practice
3. DCMBA-43: Universal Human Values