NEP and Statutory Regulatory Authority Policies: The National Educational Policy (NEP) envisions improvement of Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) to the extent of 50% in the next 10 years . Recognition for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Online Learning (OL) come with severe riders from the Statutory Regulators and ensuring quality distance learning of international standards is one of the objectives of the policy makers. Hence VISTAS aim at reaching out to the persons who want to acquire higher education without foregoing their earning options.

Building processes and engagements: The main success of any ODL programme lies in our effort to make learners understand the processes at the outset and take them along by constantly engaging them one way or the other along with proper documentation. Constant engagement with all the stakeholders will ensure smooth exchangeability of ideas and the processes get enriched by making the system dynamic in terms of adaptation or adoption of any new growth.

Teaching-Learning Process: Open and Distance Learning is a Learner-Centered approach and need to create a learning environment where self- learning takes place effectively along with Learner-engagement and learner- participation to achieve success.

Use of Technology: Shifting to the latest technologies in enhancing learner engagement is one of our prime objectives, Conducting PCPs online with flexible timings by VISTAS met with an instant success.

Social outreach: To provide free education to certain targeted communities and to  promote awareness about some important public policies through ODL .  Awarding certificates and diplomas to persons involved in community related extension activities and to undertake programmes for skill development in the rural areas and semi-urban areas.

Quality Enhancement such as adopting or adapting  the best practices and effective function of  Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) and Walk in admission and On demand examination.  Innovation in ODL particularly use of digital based learning , Opportunities and Challenges, Ensuring the Excellenec in ODL , Learners Engament, Rserach and Social Outreach,